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Art that I commissioned. Most recent art that I commission, I put here.


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Go Tigers Part 2
As the game began, the tigers and the bears battled fiercely, but neither side could keep the lead for very long, and the crowd grew wild as they watched the boys in red and the boys in brown tear up the court.
   But Rebecca wasn't really watching the game, she was having fun of her own. With Miss Winters at her side, she stalked around the gym, striking poses and waving at people, and acting silly when they waved back.
   Several of her fellow student high-fived her as she passed, and she paused with two of them so they could get selfies. Chucking to herself, Rebecca gave them both bunny ears.
   One little boy began crying as she approached, so Rebecca stopped to play peek-a-boo with him until he started laughing, which earned her a grateful smile from the boy's mother.
   A trio of middle school girls ran over to hug Oslo and one even dragged her parents over. Rebecca made a show of flirting with the girl's mother, bending over to kiss her ha
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Art that I enjoy by other people. It also has many earlier artworks that I commissioned.
Some new suiting art appeared on Pixiv today:…

If you speak Japanese, tell them we want more monster suits ;)


United States
I am a fan of suiting: people wearing costumes like fursuits, mascots and disguises. I now post most of the art I commission in my own gallery.

It mainly contains art I enjoy and is not a full collection of all suiting art. While I also like real life costumes, I don't favorite them here.

The people I commission are usually not fans of suiting. They are just exchanging art for money, so don't expect them to do more art without being paid.

If you want to use my costume ideas for your own original art or writing, feel free to do so.


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